Wondering if This Place is Worth the Money

Wondering if this place is worth the money, although it is pretty obvious that it is a bargain on some levels. The place is a bit run down and a friend of mine was telling me about it. He is a specialist who does boiler repair and boiler installation in Morris county NJ. The people who own the place have a pretty good sized problem in that there is a half basement with an old broken down boiler in it. There is just not much way to fix that thing in an economical manner and it would be a pretty good trick to get it out of there and replace it. Of course the guy could do it, but it is going to be a real problem. He thinks that he would have to cut it up in to little pieces and carry it out of there one piece at a time. I am think that would be expensive, but this guy owes me for some stuff I did for him and he was telling me about this in case I wanted to wipe the books clean on that job.

The math on it is pretty tough to figure, especially because I do not plan on living there. If I could move in it, then I could work there in my spare time and fix it up in the course of a few months. The location is bad for me though. It would make my life pretty tough on most days and I would be caught in traffic every morning and again at night if I took the place on. That part of it is not going to happen, because money is one thing and being miserable is quite a different thing. You just do not do stuff that is going to make you unhappy.

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