Tips For Renting Wedding Gown in Kallang SG

Wedding gowns are costly, and not everyone can afford their dream gown. In these instances, renting is often the only viable solution.

Brides should consider several aspects when renting their wedding dresses in Kallang SG, such as Pricing, Selection, Timeframe and Aftercare.


Wedding gowns can be costly for brides on tight budgets, which is why more brides are opting to rent rather than buy their dress, according to Huffington Post. Renting may not only reduce cost; many women want to reduce their environmental impact by choosing second-hand or even vintage pieces for their big day.

Renting depends on both size and style; FashionTIY provides affordable rental classified options. Their selection of dresses makes renting ideal for special events.

To find the ideal deal, do some research on prices offered by different companies. Some sites may provide discounts if you sign up for their mailing list or follow them on social media; additionally, look for deals which include shipping and insurance costs as well as any potential damages (e.g. wine spillage or lipstick stains) before making your decision. It is essential to fully understand all associated expenses prior to committing yourself financially.


Your wedding gown will always remain an iconic and irreplaceable possession, from its pricey materials to special care you take in maintaining its appearance and ensuring its timely arrival in pristine condition.

Finding your dream gown may appear effortless on film and TV, but finding it can be more complicated in reality. Being prepared by setting budget and timeframe goals as well as remaining flexible regarding style and silhouette requirements will be key.

Martel suggests purchasing an inexpensive foldable cardboard box from any major retailer or post office at a low cost and adding an extra layer of protection by lining it with plastic. She advises using a padded envelope when shipping internationally while brides may want to consider bubble wrap as it provides adequate cushioning without visually distracting their garment.


Renting gowns can not only save money and be more environmentally conscious; there are even online dress rental services which offer designer styles at fraction of their retail cost, such as Hurr and ByRotation (see examples here and here).

Make sure to allow enough time when ordering your dress online – most companies require an exact time window in which to receive and try on their gowns, so be sure to place your order as early as possible.

After your big day, return your dress in clean condition to its company ideally on padded hangers inside a garment bag to prevent wrinkles and store it somewhere cool so it doesn’t fade over time. If this is not possible then sell or donate it as extra income!


Dress rentals can be an excellent way to save money, conserve closet space, and have a more eco-friendly wedding. However, it’s essential that you shop carefully and read the fine print so as to avoid any unexpected charges or penalties – for instance if your dress doesn’t return on time or gets damaged you could incur further fees;

Make sure the dress rental company offers damage waivers so that any expensive stains can be covered under this protection, while also storing your dress in a temperature-controlled environment without moisture exposure so it stays beautiful for your big day.