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Which Kiosk Is Right for Your Business?

Sunday, September 26th, 2021
A kiosk is defined as a stationary, detachable stand-alone kiosk used in highly-urban areas for advertising purposes. Typically, kiosks are not monitored by humans. Kiosks are usually small kiosks installed in high traffic areas where clientele Discover A Lot More

Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021
A touch screen or finger touch screen is the integration of both an input device and output unit into a single unit. The touch screen is usually layered above an internal electronic image of a data processing system. The display is either an Discover A Lot More

Lino Printing Services Explained

Monday, September 6th, 2021
Printing is a method for mass printing of images and text with an inkjet or laser printer. The earliest printing products, aside from paper, involved very large, difficult-to-manufacture cylinders that could only print in limited colors. These Discover A Lot More

Printing Press – Types of Printing and Their Differences

Monday, September 6th, 2021
Printing is an industrial process of mass reproducing images and text with a substrate. Early printing technologies were developed for lithography, the art of creating physical copies by applying lithographic or paper-based printing processes. Lifestyles Discover A Lot More

What’s the Difference Between Capacitive and Resistive Touch Screen Technology?

Sunday, September 5th, 2021
A touch screen is a multi-touch unit composed of an input and output unit. The touch screen is most commonly implemented on an LCD or LED screen of an information processing device. While the device is typically a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, Discover A Lot More

Packaging Recycling Challenges

Saturday, September 4th, 2021
Packaging is the art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing goods for immediate distribution, storage, distribution, and usage. It is used to protect products from damage or to promote their sale. In recent years, packaging has assumed Discover A Lot More