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Helping Me out of a Jam

Monday, October 19th, 2015

I was never a fan of quick cash loans, because I didn't like the idea of owing anyone money, even if for a short period of time. It wasn't until I really needed one of these loans that I began to appreciate them. My wallet was picked from my pocket without my knowledge one day after riding on the train. When I got off the train and was ready to get some money from an ATM, I noticed that my pocket was lacking an object that I hold dear to my heart. I was panicking to find it, but I couldn't even get back on the train I just off of because I didn't have any money to pay for more fare, and my train pass card was in the wallet.

On top of all the bad things that could have happened that day, I left my phone at home, so there was no way I could call anyone for help. There wasn't even a working payphone in the area. I thought I was at the end of my wits, when I saw a cash loan place on the corner of the street. I went inside and asked them if they could give me a loan.

The loan place gave me the money and I used it to make arrangements to get home. One I got home, I filed a police report about my stolen wallet and I called my bank and credit card companies to freeze my cards so whoever stole my wallet couldn't use any of them to access my money. A few days later, my wallet was found by one of the train station officers. He caught a man who had been walking around on the different cars stealing peoples wallets without them realizing it until it was too late.

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Shopping Organic Online for Singapore is Saving Me a Lot of Time

Monday, October 5th, 2015

I was disappointed with the organic selections at most of the local grocery stores that I shop at. If you are the primary shopper for groceries in your home, you are probably aware that the bulk of the floor space in the store is taken up with regularly commercially grown, raised, prepared and produced items with a little space set aside for organic options. That is because organics are not mainstream yet. However, the trend is growing. In order to have real organic choices, I searched for organic online for Singapore. I found a place that will not only let you choose from a wonderful assortment of organics, they also deliver it right to your home.

My typical shopping trip exceeds the minimum amount needed to get free delivery. So, that means this is not costing me any extra to shop for organics online. I time my orders to be right around the amount needed to get free delivery. I really enjoy this form of shopping. I do not have to take our car or go by mass transit to the grocery store. I can just place and order and have it delivered right to our door on the upper floor of this condo where we live. That is an incredible convenience that I am enjoying more than I can really put into words.

It usually takes me about three hours or more to plan my shopping, get there, buy the items, get back and then put them away. Now all I have to do is plan what I want, order it online, wait for it to be delivered and put it away. That lengthy trip to and from the grocery store is cut out. I now use that free time for other things that are much more enjoyable than making a trip to the store. My last saved trip time was used to take a swim and then a long luxurious bath with candles and a book I was reading.

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