How to Earn a Nice Tip

With my work in airport transportation in Bergen County NJ, I have been able to save more money than I have with any other job that I’ve had in the same field. I take pride knowing that I am one of the few employees of this company who can be considered a delivery lifer – I’ve done everything involving delivery. From working as a truck driver to a bicycle delivery person, I’ve handled every type of package or goods that can be imagined. This is my first time actually delivering people and I’m beginning to wonder why I never did it before.

The money is ridiculous. Sure, you have to be courteous to almost insane levels. I’m typically driving around people who make more money than my entire family has in the entirety of their existence! This is why I’ve got to be on my best behavior, look good and say all the right things to all of their questions. With some wit, charm and a willingness to please I’ve been able to make some pretty fat tips that have left my co-workers wondering what it is I’m really doing to earn them. They just have no idea how to play the game.

Most people want their ego strokes. They want to feel good about themselves and with positive reinforcement, they are more than happy to talk to you. Then again, it can be said that what people really want is to have someone to talk to. I’m that ear. I know when to say something and I know when to keep quiet. Sometimes they just want to share some stressful moment of their day or let something off their chest to a stranger. I rarely see these people again which no doubt makes it all the much easier to give a nice tip.

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