A Ball Hit Me in the Mouth

Even though I have always taken good care of my teeth, I needed to see a specialist about having extensive dental work done. All the care in the world couldn’t have prevented it from happening. I was at the ball field with some friends when a ball hit me right in the mouth. It chipped two teeth and cracked two others. The chipped teeth were easy to fix, but the cracked ones were not. I did a search for a dentist specialised in dental implants because I knew that more than likely, I was going to need to have dental implants to replace the two cracked teeth.

I was able to find a dental center that is close to where I live. I was able to get in quickly, which was a huge relief to me. I was on pain tablets, but I just wanted to get the work done and over with. They did some X-rays so they could see the extent of the damage. They were able to actually save three of my teeth, but the fourth one did have to come out. They did the extraction that same day because they were worried that I could get an infection from the damage.

I was told that I was a prime candidate for a dental implant for the missing tooth because I was healthy otherwise. I had plenty of bone right around that area, and the care I have always given to my oral hygiene played a large part in it as well. After the implant was done, it was impossible for anyone to even know which tooth was the implant. It looks so much like my other teeth that even I forget sometimes! I am so happy that I still have a nice smile, and I shouldn’t have any more problems with it.

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