Finally Getting My Own Apartment

When I finished school I had no choice but to move back in with my parents. I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have any money saved up so it was the only option I thought I had at the time. After a few years of living back at home, I realized it was a terrible idea and that I needed to leave the nest as soon as humanly possible. A friend of mine stayed in this complex called heron walk apartments. He had me over several times and I thought that it was a nice place. He told me that I should call up the complex and see if they had any units available to rent. I called up the place and they said that they indeed had one unit that was available and I asked if I could come by to check it out. We met and I received a tour of the unit and the surrounding complex. I liked what I saw and I asked for an application.

The woman asked me where I currently live and I was so embarrassed. I hate telling people that I live with my parents. Typically, anyone over the age of twenty is seen as some type of loser when they’re still living with their parents. It is highly frowned upon in society. There are different factors as to why you would want to stay with your parents even as you get older. The big factor is money. If they aren’t charging you rent, then that is a huge plus if your parents are allowing you to live with them. Another is simply convenience. It can be difficult to find place on your own and move all your stuff. In my case I just didn’t get along with my parents at all so I needed to get out.

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