VPS Hosting: All of the Power, but Plenty of Savings

Not even 10 years ago it seemed that few customers really embraced online shopping and it seemed like more of a novelty than a real market. However, things have quickly changed as technology developed and now it is almost unheard of for a legitimate company to have no online presence. Whether the goal is to service customers or simply find potential customers in new locations, moving into the online realm can be a great step forward for almost any business out there. Of course it is sometimes much harder than people will assume, but VPS hosting can help make some aspects of the venture into the online world much easier.

The idea behind VPS hosting is to provide companies with the benefits of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is when a provider puts multiple clients on to one machine and separates them with control panels and folders. For basic websites this may be enough, but for those that need more customization or power, shared hosting is often simply not an option. Dedicated hosting is the more advanced option, as it provides a company with an entire machine dedicated specifically to hosting their website or web applications. This means they can pick a custom operating system and control all of the variables involved, which gives the most power and control possible.

A VPS essentially mimics a dedicated server, allowing customers to have tons of options for every aspect of their hosting environment. However, the actual hardware itself is still be shared with other customers in a controlled fashion. The basic idea is that you pay for a certain amount of storage space, processor power, and memory on the machine and then you are able to control every aspect of it. This results in lower costs than dedicated servers and often eliminates the need for expensive support plans, but still gives full control and power for websites that need it.

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