Satellite Internet when You Live in a Travel Trailer

My wife and I travel to where my work is at. We have a big dual-wheel pickup truck and a fifth-wheel trailer. It is big and like a luxury home inside. The bathroom is bigger than the one we had in many apartments we have lived in over the years. We have all the amenities of home in our big recreational vehicle, but getting the Internet while at the campgrounds was problematic. I was wondering what to do when I saw an ad that said click here for Internet in rural areas. I figured it was probably satellite Internet, and that was when I had the idea.

I got the Internet hooked up at our rural home, and I just take the dish with us. The fifth wheel has a big basement style storage area, so there is plenty of room for the five gallon bucket that has the dish pole concreted in it. I just set it out on the ground, mount the dish, run the cable and acquire a signal. Then we have stable and fast Internet at any campground we stay at. We like it a lot better than the cellular Internet we were using.

We can stream video and do our work on our computers even when the places we stay at have no Wi-Fi or only have spotty or slow Wi-Fi service. That pretty much describes every campground. Plus, I am not logging into a questionable service using my own satellite Internet. It is our own secure connection and account. I prefer getting Internet this way in our RV. Even when the park or campground Internet service is reliable, we still usually just use our own satellite Internet service instead. We may stream a show or two on the campground or park Internet to save bandwidth if we had a heavy use month, but that is about it.

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