Things Could Always Be Worse

I recently came across a cable company I hadn’t heard of before after moving to the city – Suddenlink – and I was rather surprised to find that they even existed! I’ve moved around quite a bit over the years which has had me becoming a customer of multiple providers – four in total and considering the distance between many of the places seems kind of odd if you ask me. I always wonder how they are able to actually handle the millions of customers that they have. I think back on the most recent event that caused every single one of Time Warner’s customers to lose access to the ‘Net because of some foul up.

That’s really messed up to me. That kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed to happen especially when you consider the kind of economic impact that it might have had on the country should they had lost access for longer than just the hour or so that it effected them. If it had been a whole day instead, millions of dollars may have been lost which would have been a serious concern for the company and for the country as a whole. This is why I believe in a separate of cable and Internet services.

We need some kind of rule here that will allow us to utilize the Internet as a utility while keeping our cable services in their pocket. I’m pretty happy with the subscription that I have, the cost is really fair and I get to watch all my favorite shows pretty much whenever I want to. I’m sort of a TV junkie so I’m really down with watching whatever most of the time, as long as I’m being entertained by it I don’t mind and I won’t complain! Things could be a lot worse.

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