Even the Roofing Contractors in NYC Could Not Tell Me What Made the Hole in Our Roof

We had a hole in the roof that went unnoticed during light rain, but became obvious during those torrential spring downpours we had in the city. No one knew how the hole got there. It had a jagged edge and looked like something hit it at high velocity. The damage to the metal structure underneath suggested something hit it pretty fast, but we could not find any debris leftover from what hit it. The roofing contractors in NYC that we hired could not definitively say what caused it, but they were able to easily fix it.

People in the building never heard or saw anything. No one has access to the roof except building maintenance, and they had not been up there in some time. It was not caused by a gun because we had the police look at it so we could file an insurance claim. The hole was big enough to almost fit a baseball through. A guy on the roof repair crew suggested it may have been a meteorite or something from an airplane.

I found a news story showing a picture of a car that got hit by space debris and it put a hole in the trunk straight down through the car that kind of looked like this hole in the roof. However, there was no bits of whatever hit left behind to give a clue. One thing for certain is that the metal support structure it hit was damaged enough that a reinforcement section had to be welded on to fix it before the hole was fixed.

I’m leaning more toward the hole in the roof being caused by something that fell from an airplane. We are directly beneath the flight path from one of the airport runways. However, it could have been something from space. I think if it was that then the damage would have extended inside the building because of the velocity of those objects.

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