The Interesting Way My Wife Got Me Motivated to Move

My wife told me that we needed to talk. That can make a guy nervous. She made my favorite dinner and then she asked me to go for a swim in the pool. I reminded her that we do not have one. So, she asked me to sit out on the balcony with her and have a cup of coffee. I asked her if she had lost her mind, because we do not have a balcony. She then said, “Exactly!” She told me she was looking online for other Arboretum Austin Apartments, and that she found Falls on Bull Creek Apartments.

Our lease was expiring that month, and she wanted to move. I am the type that gets used to things, and it takes a nudge to get me going even if something better is available. However, when she told me the apartment she was looking at had a real wood-burning fireplace, I had to take a look for myself. I never heard of an apartment having a real fireplace. I could see maybe having one of those gas ones, but one that actually burned wood was really neat. We could not afford to own a house on our income. Being able to rent a place that had more of the things that I wanted in a home was nice. I had just never thought much about it.

I thought that an apartment was an apartment. That was not true, because we now have a much nicer place for the same money we were spending on a lease. We have a nice kitchen with a counter that is open to the dining room. We still have two bedrooms to be able to have guests stay over, but we gained an additional bathroom. That is so nice to have if you have relatives or friends that stay on occasion. We really like it here, and I appreciate the way in which my wife got us to move.

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