Reliant Energy in Texas Info

After some consideration and a lot of a debate, my wife and I have decided that we are going to move. It took awhile to figure out where we were going to move, but we have at least decided on Reliant TX for the place that we are going to move. We had to compromise a bit on where we were going to move, because neither of us wanted to move to the other ones first choice. I think that Reliant is going to be the company that we get our new electricity from as well. They seem like a good company, and we have a friend that gets their electricity through them, so I think it is a good idea for us as well.

Now that we have figured out where we are going to move, we need to start the process of finding a place to move into next. We need to put the house we currently have for sale on the market. I don’t know how long it is going to take to sell it. I think that it is a pretty nice house, and it should be worth a good bit on the market, but one of the issues that the location is not that good. So that could definitely make it a bit harder to sell.

I guess I will put it on the market and worry about when it sells later. Instead, I need to focus my intentions right now on the new house that we are going to buy, because that is the most important thing on my mind right now. I want to start looking at houses, and I am also going to look at electricity price in the area. I am just kind of curious about the electricity prices at the moment.

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