Photo Booth Tips For Your Wedding or Reception

If you’re planning on having a wedding reception or any other big event with a lot of guests, then here are some photo booth tips to help make your photo booth experience as fun and memorable as possible. One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting on a photo booth is not having their picture taken properly the first time. A bad shot can kill the mood in a photo booth almost instantly. That’s why it’s important to know your equipment inside and out before running the equipment. Here are some basic photo booth tips to ensure you get your pictures taken right the first time:

photo booth tips

There are two types of photo booths: the hard-wired ones and the wireless versions. While they both do basically the same thing, hard wired photo booths tend to be more reliable and have fewer problems. Wireless ones generally aren’t that bad but will require that your guests leave their electronics at home if you want them to use the equipment. Either one is perfectly fine; it just depends on your needs and what works best for you.

Your photo booth tips number two is to make sure your guests have good lights. Remember, the LCD screens are very tiny and you’ll want plenty of light to make sure your guests don’t turn their heads too fast or their expressions won’t appear distorted. Also, make sure that your guests are comfortable. Ask the staff for suggestions about what would work best in your situation but try to stay away from any heavy or bulky props unless you want to spend more money on rental.

The third big photo booth tips tip is to make sure you plan your event properly. You can often find great deals on rentals when planning for larger events like holidays, thanks to the economy and people being able to take their vacations without paying full price. Make sure you get a good deal and know how long your event will last before you rent so you don’t end up with a huge bill and no money for the props. In the long run, it’s usually cheaper to buy your own props and leave the technicalities to professionals.

You should also be prepared to negotiate prices with photographers and event planners. Most people who go to photo booths expect to pay a certain amount for every photo. If you’ve only arranged one or two events in recent years, it’s very possible you will be getting prices as low as $25 per person for an hour of fun. There are some photographers and event planners who have learned how to make these kinds of deals work to their advantage though. If you talk to some experts, they will tell you that the key to getting the best photo booth rentals is to be persistent and willing to walk away if no deals are being made. Many venues want repeat business and will try to make special offers to established photo booth users.

These same photo booth tips apply if you are using a rental service for the first time. Make sure you look through the portfolio of the provider before signing any contracts or settling on a price. You want to make sure they can provide what you need, but you also need to see if the rentals are going to cost within your budget range. If your budget is tight, it might be better to simply choose a different venue.

If you’re renting a booth for a wedding or similar special event, there are some important photo booth tips to follow. First of all, it’s important to choose a location that has plenty of space for your guests to move around in and avoid crowding. You want the photobooth rocks to be at least ten feet away from the front of the room so that your guests’ pictures won’t be up on the walls in a cluttered way. Also, make sure that the floor around the room is very clean and non- slippery for the photographer so that your guests don’t slip and fall. If your venue has several different areas where the photos can be positioned, make sure that those are clear of obstacles such as furniture or other displays. Always make sure that your guests are given instructions about how they should behave at the photobooth so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Most importantly, ask the photo booth company about the type of memory book or album you will need to hold the photos safely. The memory book or album will allow your guests to keep the photos safely tucked away for years to come and may even come in handy if you plan a photo strip party or other similar event. Remember, the photos on the memory book or album will not be erased once your guests leave the booth so you might want to consider keeping one copy for yourself and giving an extra copy to your guests. Either way, remember to keep the memory book in a safe place when the event is over!

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