Lumina Grand EC, Bukit Batok

lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC’s location near various prestigious primary and secondary institutions makes it an excellent choice for families that place high value on education.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School, also in close proximity, is known for its exceptional academic standards and comprehensive development plans. Being so close allows parents more quality time with their children during morning school runs.

Strategic Location

Lumina Grand’s proximity to Jurong Region Line (JRL) should increase property values significantly, providing future homeowners and investors with an excellent return on their investments. Furthermore, living close to JRL also promises convenience for its residents allowing them to commute more easily between work, shopping malls and leisure destinations than ever before.

Lumina Grand’s location within Bukit Batok’s carefully planned infrastructure makes its accessibility effortless for its residents, thanks to an extensive bus network providing them with quick and convenient access to areas not directly served by MRT. From shopping trips at nearby malls or visits outlying cities Lumina Grand bus services make traveling simple.

Lumina Grand’s advantageous location near several renowned schools provides another advantage, especially for families that place importance on providing their children with quality education. Residents can enjoy an opulent lifestyle without facing long commute times each day.

Convenient Bus Network

Lumina Grand EC residents can take advantage of being close to key expressways such as PIE and BKE for easier transit access, which allows them to avoid peak hour traffic congestion for a more pleasant journey and reduce carbon emissions, contributing further to sustainable efforts within our nation.

Jurong Region Line (JRL) will bring enhanced connectivity to the area, making travel much faster and more efficient for Lumina Grand EC’s residents heading west or north west Singapore, whether for work or visiting friends; making journeys shorter and more pleasant overall.

Parents can enjoy having schools close by, such as Princess Elizabeth Primary School in Philadelphia. Renowned for its high academic standards and holistic development programs, this educational institution allows children to gain important knowledge and skills without lengthy travel times.

Sustainable Design

Lumina Grand EC was designed with sustainability in mind, offering residents the option of adopting more eco-friendly modes of transport such as bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways that make commuting to nearby areas effortless while decreasing carbon emissions.

With Singapore’s commitment to improving public transport infrastructure, residents of Lumina Grand can look forward to enhanced connectivity in the near future. Upcoming MRT corridors, bus interchanges and road expansions will bring them closer to city life while still maintaining its peaceful ambience.

With Keming Primary and Bukit Batok Secondary schools both located nearby, Lumina Grand EC is an attractive option for families prioritising education. Both institutions foster character formation, academic achievements, leadership skills development and career readiness – providing students with invaluable preparation for future endeavors.

Community Club

Bukit Batok Community Club provides residents with various workshops and classes. In addition, recreational activities help residents build skills while building connections within their community.

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to various top schools – like Keming Primary School which emphasizes creativity and innovation – makes this development an excellent option for families with young children.

The Jurong Region Line will enhance connectivity in the area and offer residents convenient access to shopping and dining hubs while shortening commute times to essential business and leisure locations. Furthermore, with numerous MRT stations nearby residents can experience car-free travel for easier living.

Exceptional Amenities

Lumina Grand EC Condo’s focus on community spirit can be seen through its various workshops, classes, and activities that it provides its residents. These events promote well-being while cultivating an appreciation of nature while uniting residents under one roof in an idyllic setting.

Due to its proximity to Singapore’s upcoming Jurong Region Line, Lumina Grand EC owners will find it much simpler and enjoyable to travel between key locations in Singapore – be it work or visiting friends – with less travel time required and greater comfort than ever before.

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The development’s proximity to Bukit Batok MRT station and several bus interchanges ensures convenient accessibility, while families with young children will appreciate living near multiple renowned schools that make this an ideal location. It truly offers luxurious living as well as top-class education!

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