Learning How to Change Food for Life Was the Key

I was tired of being fat. Yes, I said it. I was fat. To be blunt about it, I will even admit that I was morbidly obese. At some points the realization would hit me and I was terrified. Other times, I found that I had lost hope, and was mostly indifferent. But when I found that a stewardess needed to find a seatbelt extension for me on an airplane trip because of how big I was, I vowed them to learn about foods as soon as possible. Once home from my trip, I found nutritionstrategy.com after a lot of searching online for a good site that could give me the boost that I so badly needed to ditch the 175 extra pounds that I had packed on over the years.

I knew that friends had done a lot of different diets over the years. I had even tried a few myself. But what they did not do was really teach me about food. Some of the diets were ones where I bought a book or joined the author’s website to learn all that the diet entailed. Lots of interesting info with every one of those new diets that I started, but they taught me how to eat a certain way that benefited the diet mostly. They did not teach me about all foods in general and how to change my full eating habits for good.

When I found nutritionstrategy.com I was immediately intrigued that the owner of the site wants you to never have to struggle again with the way that you eat. He wants people to understand how easy it is to eat better at all times, not just change your habits for a short while. I ended up learning more than I had in the past, and I dropped the weight in a much more cohesive way that has stuck with me.

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