I Just Needed to Do What Everyone Told Me to Do

I was feeling desperate about keeping my business afloat. I had been so excited about quitting my past job and starting my own business, but I just could not seem to turn things in a direction that would take my company to another level. Unsure of what to do, I joined a forum where business owners help one another out for advice, and I asked for help. They all told me that I need to be on Facebook, and that I should buy Facebook fans early on. They all said this would help me more than I could imagine.

I love meeting new people, so the advice really appealed to me. I knew immediately that I would really enjoy posting things for others to view and getting feedback on them. So, I quickly made a business account, and made my first posts. Things were pretty quiet, though. I got a few “likes” here and there, but things did not seem to be really taking off. Remembering that I had been told to purchase a fan package, I decided to use some of my savings to do that. I found myself hoping that everyone was right.

It really did not take long to see what a big difference it made. I was not quite sure why it worked, but I had a hunch it is because people do not really pay attention to things that don’t look very popular. People like to be part of something bigger. So, when more followers began following my page, it made others very interested in doing it as well. It was then that I began feeling even more bolder now that I had a bigger audience. And people really started taking a keen interest in watching what I posted as well. They began asking more questions about what I sell and they started making more orders from me.

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